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Life is not ALL

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Why does God allow tornadoes or trainwrecks?

  • Inquires Brad from Crash Test Dummies, and
    so should you, unless your lucky enough to
    have peace, bliss and satisfaction galore in
    your life. However, if your teetering on the
    edge of the bliss factor? Think its all a
    bit insane, or just a mild pain in the brain? Or even anywhere on the sliding scale of personal happyness.

  • Then maybe a quick perusal through this
    "world view" wouldn't hurt. Don't worry it is not a long and convoluted affair and is designed with the discerning cosmic websurfer in mind.

  • Ok "what's my gig?" Well. It starts with the
    most basic of concepts,
    life is not an accident!

    Yep, good news huh! Ok so you need
    convincing, there is more than just a little voice somewhere saying "Are you sure?"

  • 'Logic Jim' The inherent intelligence and design in creation is evident even if you just dip breifly into the warm waters of knowledge regarding the perfect order at the level of atoms, molecules galaxies and the myriad of ways in which life expresses its self (Ok ok, i hear arguments coming out of the mechanistic woodwork, about the ways in which life evolved from the primeval soup but lets move on regardless)
    ------- Let the theorem begin



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